Dont Take Yourself So Seriously


You fucker, you think everything is just so serious. It’s not. Try and smile in the face of uncertainty and turmoil. When you’re going through any form of discomfort, it literally means that you are not comfortable in your current state, in your current experience of, and in life. There is something inside of you that is screaming out to be explored and heard. You’re being shown that you are separate from who you really are, your true essence, your soul, your body, your mind. When we can crack an organic smile, as in it comes on without having to try, it is a good indicator that you are connected, and on path in that very moment. I have many times, spent days and days, sometimes weeks, even months stuck in my own story. Being overwhelmed with the challenges that are apparent. Constantly focusing on every little detail of it. Going deeper and deeper in to the hurricane of the turmoil. We attach to a "thing" that is happening, and keep talking about it, focusing on it, trying to fix it, trying to distance yourself from it. Why? It doesn’t need to be fixed. It needs to be explored. We'll look way more into this later. 


First things first, crack a fucken smile. Don’t take yourself so serious, even if it does seem like the most damning shitty thing that has happened to you in life, fucken smile you fuck!! It’s not that bad. As you will soon start to notice, all the people, the situations/experiences that are around you, within you, are your creation every moment of every day. They are your manifestations in life.


Recently, when things have gotten really out of hand for me, I have stood in front of the mirror and said to myself – “wow, you are a powerful manifestor, you’re like a magician, you’re like Jesus. No no, you’re better than Jesus, you’re god. How fucking awesome am I to be able to invent and create all of these things in my life, and then laugh at myself for being such a dick. All of it. Every conversation, every person, every situation. ALL OF IT!!!” Surely you can’t help but smile and laugh at yourself. Lighten the load. It makes it easier. We’re here to experience and feel joy often, (very often).


Once you can smile or even giggle or laugh at your powerful ability to self sabotage, then you will realize that if you were so powerful that you created all this shit, then surely all you have to do is take the same steps towards the opposite end of the stick. It takes the same amount of effort!! To put attention towards something that you actually want to experience in life. It becomes easier. It’s happening in my life (slowly). So it must be happening in yours (Slowly). But it’s happening. Fucking own it and laugh dick face. It’s not that bad.

Let's look deeper into how to access the power of play and the non-serious. As you read on, be warned. There'll be a smile or two sprinkled with some self realisations.