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Own it - Thanks Ray!

Sometimes you come across really weird and wonderful people. I personally love meeting people who confidently and proudly own their individuality at whatever cost.

This is Ray, and I got the pleasure of meeting this legendary dude at 1am on a hot summer evening at Elwood beach in Melbourne.

He taught me a "massive" lesson on how to own it. Now obviously, I’m not about to stroll around in this sort of attire, as this is not my particular truth. However, after chatting with him, I got to understand how Ray is much like the rest of us with a “big” difference. He has the “balls” to go out in the world and show up in a way that he decides to, and not in the way that social etiquette may dictate him to.

So, on this stunning Sunday afternoon…. Let’s celebrate Ray, and we might even consider taking a leaf out of his book of owning truth. And then.......... Let’s create from there!!

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