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I'll Do It Tomorrow - No You Wont!!

Those famous 4 words that ring out through the ages over and over again. It only takes 4 easy and simple vibrations of the vocal chords to stay in our state of stagnant non-motion. We all have a fear of getting it done right here and now. What the fuck is the fear around it? Could it be that we don’t have the self-belief and self-love to truly back ourselves “enough” to get the job done? Could it be that It feels safe and comfortable to be stagnant, to stay habitual, and to allow ourselves to be lead through each day by the uncertainty of what might actually happen if we step into our power? Never fear, NowMan is here.

NowMan is a mythical, mystical creature that lives within all of us. This creature is so mighty and so powerful, that it can be of service to every single living being on this planet at any moment in time. Like Even right Now!

Let’s put NowMan to the test? Pick one thing that you’ve been putting off for days, weeks, years, lifetimes!! Only one thing!! I’ll even give you a few prime examples – Make that phone call, Do that meditation, write the first line in your Book, Have that awkward conversation, Book in for that course you’ve been talking about, Get to the doctor to check that thing out!!! Then call on NowMan with these magical words. I AM GETTING THIS DONE RIGHT NOW!! Kapow!! Nanananananananana NowMan!!!! Appears that instant, right in front of you to show you the way!

NowMan will be busy Today!!

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