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Tommy has embarked on a mission to fill life with love, abundance, happiness and overall goodness. He has been on a journey of self-discovery for the last 39 years.


Since he was born, he has been a Musician, Reiki Master/Teacher, Life Mentor, Corporate Executive, Yoga Teacher, Meditator, Great Son, Bad Son, Best Friend, An Enemy, A Lover, A Hater, A Sick Person, A Healthy Dude, Happy, Easily Confused, Lucky, Rich, Poor, An Angry Dude, Fearful, Lazy, An Uncontrollable Crier, A Drug Overdoser, A Procrastinator, A Deep Thinker and a Seeker.


Through his experiences, he has committed himself to allow others to step into their highest version of themselves. He helps others through his innate gift of creating a safe space and environment for people to share, grow and manifest a life that fills them with joy!

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